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School of Stamping Level 2 Kit

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Master the basics and learn to stamp like a pro with ImpressArt’s School of Stamping Tutorials!

Ready for the next School of Stamping level? Continue to build your hand stamping skills and toolbox with the tools and the stamping blanks needed to create popular hand-stamped bracelets and necklaces! Level 2 introduces how to stamp on a curve, texture, and bend bracelets. This School of Stamping kit includes enough materials to practice and make 3-4 of each Level 2 project.

Already have the School of Stamping Levels 1 and 2 tools or want additional practice making Level 2 projects? The Level 2 Materials Kit has all the stamping blanks and findings needed to make 3-4 of each Level 2 project.

Level 2 Projects:

Tools Included:

  • Bracelet Guides - Contains 36 sticker guides to help evenly space out letters and align stamped impressions in a straight line
  • Multi-Heart 6mm Design Stamp - Adds an extra touch of personalization
  • Multi-Function Hammer Kit - Creates artisan-inspired textures
  • Bracelet Bending Bar Kit - Bends bracelet blank into cuff shape
  • Bracelet Bending Pliers - Achieves a perfectly round cuff

Materials Included:

  • (12) Semi-Precious Charms, Mixed
  • (4) Circle w/ Hole, 1”, Alkemé
  • (4) Circle w/ Hole, 3/4”, Alkemé
  • (4) Circle w/ Hole, 1/2”, Copper
  • (4) Circle w/ Hole, 1”, Brass
  • (4) Bracelet Blanks, 6" x 1/4”, Aluminum
  • (5) Bracelet Blanks, 6" x 1/4”, Brass
  • (5) Bracelet Blanks, 6" x 1/4”, Copper
  • (4) Bracelet Blanks, 6" x 3/8”, Aluminum
  • (6) Artisan Ball Chain Necklace, Stainless Steel, 18"-22"
  • (90) Jump Rings, Artisan, Real Silver Plated, 7mm